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Dreaded Bed Bugs

They're only found in cheap hotels. Right? 

Wrong! They can be found in any 5-star hotel in the world. They travel on peoples' clothes and luggage and transfer the pests from one person's belongings to the next. You don't know whose luggage your luggage was next to on the plane so you could be the one bringing the bedbugs into the hotel. You can check your intended hotel for any recent bed bug problems with Bedbug Registry.

What to do?

When you enter your room for the first time - put all your belongings in the bathroom. The bugs will not be on the tile floor or in the bathtub or shower. Never, ever put things on the bedspread or the carpeted floor 'till you've done your bed bug check. This will only take a minute and it's well worth the effort. A small flashlight helps.

Where are they found?

They hide from the light and feed at night. They can live in any place in the room but prefer the areas near their next meal. That's you. So check these places carefully:

  • The seams of the mattress and any upholstered furniture.

  • The edges of the box springs and crevices in the headboard.

  • In the bedside table drawer and under items on top of the table.

What are you looking for?

Live bugs hiding in those dark places mentioned above,

Rust-colored spots on sheets, seams of mattresses and adjoining areas around the bed excreted by the bugs after a meal. The spots will feel greasy to the touch and have a sweet, musty odor. See the middle picture above,

Did you find something suspicious?

If you find any signs, demand to change rooms and do not accept a room to either side. Finding them in one room does not necessarily mean they're everywhere in the hotel. But if totally freaked out - change hotels.


How do they spread?

Bed Bugs don't stay on people after they feed. They retreat to hide in luggage, furniture, or clothes. These are their tickets to ride - their transport from your hotel to your home.


Bed Bugs found in your luggage?

When you get home and know you were exposed to bed bugs along the way, unpack your clothes outside your home and store in a heavy duty garbage bag until you can wash them in hot water and run them through a very hot dryer at least twice. The heat kills them.


The Luggage? There are ways to treat your suitcase for bedbugs and if you can't bear to part with it you could try these steps. But after seeing our next door neighbors suffer for weeks from bites they thought were mosquitoes and then bear the enormous cost of getting rid of the bed bugs from their home - our luggage would be trashed. So: " Sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite!

A live bed bug on a finger
Bed bug residue along a matress ribbing edge
Bed bug bites on the face and neck of a woman

How to Search

What's to Know?

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