The medications we carry in our kit are listed in the print-friendly list below.


Before using any of these medications, you MUST consult your personal physician for advice on the safety of these medications for you and to obtain prescriptions as required. Your doctor may make a substitute for a medicine due to the possibility of an adverse interaction with one of your routine medicines, a known allergy to the drug or any of its components, or a contraindication due to a previously diagnosed chronic illness.


If you're to be the caregiver in a group, get your traveling companion(s) to get permission from their own doctors to use any of these meds and obtain their own prescriptions with the exception of the Medrol Pak. Take one per trip – not one per person.


The medications most frequently used for traveler's maladies.

  • Traveler's Diarrhea

  • Dehydration

  • Allergic Reactions

  • Motion Sickness

  • Common Cold

  • Topical Itching

  • Cystitis

  • Dental Pain



It won't if any of these maladies strike you. Then you'll kiss that little blue bag these medications came in.