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The Hotel Safe

01. Don't Forget Valuables in the Room Safe at Checkout

In a hurry as you vacate your room? Did you leave your passport in the safe? Avoid that disaster by routinely putting something in the safe you would madly search for before checking out. A shoe? Your makeup? A toothbrush? This trick really does work.


02. Is the Safe Bolted Down?

One evening in Hamburg,  we got a good laugh when a member of our tour knocked at our hotel door and - while holding it as you would a swaddled baby - asked if we needed an extra room safe. He then handed over the one he had found in his closet unattached from the base. So check the security of your room safe's attachment.


03. Who else can open it?

Room safes are sold to the hotel with a default keycode: Usually or The hotel staff is supposed to change that backup code when installing the safe in the room. Did they forget? Try those codes before you leave your stuff inside. And remember when you forgot your code? You called the front desk and they sent someone who instantly opened it with a universal code?


Bottom Line - There are others who can get into your safe while you're away. So leave expensive jewelry at home. But if you must bring them for that fancy occasion then store them in the hotel's front office safe.- not in your room safe.


04. Other Safeguards

There are ways to secure the room safe if you must routinely leave large amounts of cash or important personal or business papers in the room during your absence. Here are some tips on how to make you safe safer.


PacSafe Portable Safes

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