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Frequently Asked Questions


 Q. Why pay for Global Entry (GE), when Mobile Passport and Automated Passport Kiosks are free?

  • Everyone arriving at an American airport from a foreign country must go through immigration control. No matter what method you choose to document your eligibility to enter the US, you will have to stand in a line to come face to face with an immigration official. Which line you're eligible for and how fast that line will move determines how quickly you will get through the process.

  • In general, only frequent international fliers go to the trouble and expense of obtaining (GE) status. And as there are generally fewer of them on a plane than the American tourists or foreign nationals, the lines at the Global Entry kiosks will be much shorter than other options. Without checked luggage, we've made it from the plane to street level at JFK in less than 10 minutes!

  • Check whether your credit card will pay the (GE) fee. Several do.



 Q. I fly domestically. Why apply for (GE) when all I want is TSA Precheck?          

  • TSA PreCheck has the exact same application interview requirements as (GE). And if you go for (GE) status, TSA PreCheck is thrown in for free. But not the other way around. So even if you fly only domestically but want the ease of TSA PreCheck, why not pay the small difference in price and go for (GE)? So, if you anticipate you might travel out of the country within the following 5 years, your arrival home from your first international trip would be so much less stressful if you had (GE) status.


 Q. How did I get TSA PreCheck on a boarding pass without paying for the service?

  • Originally, TSA PreCheck was to have been limited to those enrolled in a Trusted Traveler Program such as (GE). However, over time, TSA started a “managed inclusion program,” where elite members of airlines and many other passengers deemed “low risk” got intermittent access to PreCheck as well.

  • But as the PreCheck lanes get busier and busier, it is the plan of TSA to limit the lanes to those enrolled in the Trusted Traveler programs.



 Q. What are the rules concerning the use of the Mobile Passport App?




 Q. What are the rules concerning the use of the Automated Passport kiosks?


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