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Lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Mandain Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand 

Lovina Beach Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Lovina Beach Resort, Bali, Indonesia

Hotel Security

Room Selection
  • Selecting a hotel room on the third to fifth floor generally will keep you out of reach of criminal activity from the street but still within reach of most fire truck ladders.

  • Don't accept a room on the ground floor that has doors and windows that open to the outside. In motels, avoid ground floor rooms off a parking lot. If you can't get a room on a higher level, get one facing an interior courtyard.

Checking In
  • When registering, sign only your last name and first initial. Don’t use titles or degrees. Make it hard to determine your gender, marital status or profession. If you are a woman traveling alone, consider booking your room as Mr. and Mrs.

  • Be alert for a stranger lingering at the check-in desk within listening for your name and room number. With that information and a description of the luggage you had with you on check-in, he may be able to convince hotel security or housekeeping to let him in after he sees you leave the hotel. If concerned your information has been divulged, request a different room.

  • Don't leave your credit card lying on the check-in counter while you complete your registration. Also, make sure the credit card that is handed back to you by the hotel clerk is really yours.

  • Immediately upon check-in, pick up a couple hotel business cards or matchbooks. If you're lost, you'll have the address and phone number to ask for assistance. And when you tell that cab driver to take you to the "Hyatt" and he asks,"which one?" - you'll know the answer. In a country where you don’t speak the language? Show the cabbie the card and you’re on your way to the hotel.

On Entering Your Room
  • Check for Bedbugs

  • Identify the two exits nearest your room.

  • Call the front desk and request the time to make sure the room phone works.

  • Make sure the entry door lock works, the door to the adjoining room is locked, and that balcony access is secure. Recheck every time you return to the room. Housekeeping may forget to lock up after cleaning.

  • Traveling during flu season - wipe the phone, TV remote, temperature control, light switches with cleaning wipes.

  • Going to use the safe?  Read about hotel safe security.


While in Your Room
  • Keep the room door locked including the deadbolt or chain. Never prop the door open to go to the ice machine "just for a second". There might be an uninvited guest waiting in the bathroom on your return.

  • Don't ever let a stranger in your room. If he says he's from maintenance, call the front desk to verify the visit before opening the door.

  • Do not phone-order food from a flyer slipped under your door. It's likely a scam to get your credit card information.

  • Safeguard your room key at all times. Do not leave your spare key in the room. If you were given two at check-in and lose one - immediately get a replacement card with a new code. "But my second key still works!" So will the other key for whoever has it!

  • Do not put out the "Please make up the room" sign - it's a signal the room is empty. Call the front desk instead if you desire immediate service.


Elevator Safety

Stand near the elevator buttons with your back to the wall; if threatened, push all the buttons at once with your back. Here's a short Video with a couple other straightforward elevator safety tips.

Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur, India

Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur, India

Hotel Taverna, Budapest, Hungry

Hotel Taverna, Budapest, Hungry

Fort Gary Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Fort Gary Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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