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Ladies' Basics 

Discard the bras, skirts, and dresses and throw in a collared shirt and tie.

3 pair of socks/hosiery

3 sets underwear

3 bras

2 pair of shoes

2 sets of sleepwear

Colorful scarves / Pashmina shawls

Dresses below the knee in churches

Camino de Santiago

Essential Clothes

4 - 6 short or long sleeved shirts

1 Fleece and/or cardigan

3 slacks or skirts

1 lightweight dress

1 crushable hat

1 rainproof/windproof jacket

No sleeveless apparel in churches

Pack for a Week - Travel for a Month 

Pack wash and wear

If Possible - Don't Check Luggage

Wear Heaviest Clothes on the Plane

Keep Carry-on Weight under Maximum of the Airline

General Rules
Getting Started
  1. On your bed - lay out all the clothes and accessories you absolutely must take on your upcoming trip.

  2. Then pack what's on these lists and put the rest back where you found them.

  3. Be aware: The numbers below include what you'll be wearing on the plane.

  4. Pick items and materials (wool, cotton) appropriate to anticipated weather.

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