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Kihzi, Russia - Church of the Transfiguration


Kihzi, Russia woman at needlepoint with side lighting


01. Why Bother?

Because things get left at home or lost/stolen along the way. This is the packet you want to keep in a safe place (never in checked luggage) and hope you'll never have to open it.


The bag each of us carries is a 9 x 5 plastic sleeve with a snap at the top. But any water resistant packaging will do.


02. What's in it? 


  • International Certificate of Vaccination

  • Global Entry Card

  • Priority Pass Card

  • Two Valid passport photos


Scanned Copies

  • First 2 pages of your passport

  • All Visa pages

  • Medical Insurance Cards

  • Driver's license (2nd ID if Passport Lost!)



  • Confirmation #s for hotel bookings, concert tickets, optional tours

  • Confirmation # for your airline flights

  • Last 4 digits of your credit/debit card numbers

  • Encoded PIN

  • Names of your prescriptions including Generic Names


Contact phone #s and email addresses

  • Family/friend at home

  • Lodging Accommodations

  • Airline Reservations phone #

  • Tour Company

  • Travel Insurance Company

  • Credit card companies to call if card lost

  • If traveling alone, for sure add these phone #s for all countries you will visit


For backup - Use your phone or tablet to take photos of the original documents and your scanned copies and lists but NEVER scan your actual credit card. The credit card company will ask only for your name and the last four digits of your credit card number. They will never ask for your pin, cancellation date, or the 4 digit security number on the card.  Let's face it. Sadly, you're calling to cancel the card, not to make a purchase.


YES - you can email scans of all this information to yourself. But consider where you will be when you need the information. Will there be immediate internet access available? And will the consulate accept a printout of your scanned passport photo when your desperate to get a replacement for your lost one?


YES - you can also upload to a service like Dropbox. But be very sure you remember your Username and Password!


So Yes! Join the 21st century! Load those photos onto your phone and upload copies to the cloud - but from someone who has been there - done that -


Kihzi, Russia - Church of the Transfiguration


 Kihzi, Russia - woman working a loom
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