Why Travel Clinic?

Among the many diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika. Do you even know what chikungunya is? And whether or not you will be at risk from these diseases at your planned travel destination? A trip to your local Travel Clinic will answer these and many other questions you may or may not even know to ask.

Also, consider the fact that foreign countries may require proof of vaccinations at their borders before allowing you to enter. And the United States could require the same proof to allow you to re-enter. Are you up to date?

These coming and going requirements can change from time to time depending on the presence of communicable diseases in the location you plan to visit. Is there malaria, yellow fever, polio, influenza where you're going?​

Search this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site for generally recommended vaccinations for all US adults.

Search this State Department site for required vaccinations by countries you plan to visit.


Yellow fever vaccination is a good example of international regulations requiring proof of vaccination for travel to and from certain countries.

In the United States, the vaccine can only be given at designated yellow fever vaccination centers - including your local health department and certified Travel Clinics.


Search this CDC page site to find a travel clinic, a certified yellow fever vaccination center, and/ or a local health department near you.